Pupstar Sonoma: Bringing together Pugs, costumes and photography to create magic. Seriously cute...this is not your typical Pug website. Thanks for visiting!




 Pupstar Sonoma is…

Roxy… petite, spunky, sweet, clever and cute. In the first month with us, she mastered the most number of pug tricks of the three. She is also the “alpha” female and rules her boys with a velvet glove.

Blue… Roxy’s litter-mate and life-long playmate. Blue has one white paw and is also our “security pug”. When he’s off duty Blue is sweet, goofy, and very playful. Blue loves playing in the snow, running on the beach and giving lots and lots of kisses!

Bono… the baby of the family and a half brother to Roxy and Blue on their mother’s side. He’s handsome, smart and sweet. Bono loves toys and playing fetch and is the most vocal when excited.

Phillip… our principal photographer, webmaster, graphic designer and technology lead. Phil currently works professionally in creative IT consulting and support and has been an avid photographer for over 30 years. Among other pug-wrangling duties, Phil is responsible for general pug maintenance, nutrition, spa sessions and travel arrangements.

Susan… our chief costume/prop creator and designer (and main pug minion), Sue has a BS in Fashion Design and has worked in various positions in the industry. She now specializes in pug costumes and clothes exclusively for Pupstar Sonoma. Her predominant inspiration for costuming is fantasy, sci-fi and historical films/television shows, nature and of course pugs.

The five of us working together defines what is “Pupstar Sonoma”. We enjoy the time we spend creating the costumes/photographs, challenging ourselves, traveling together, trying to capture that epic shot. We inspire each other endlessly but most of all, just have a ton of fun producing what you see within this website! Together, we are so much more than the simple sum of our parts.

Our mission is…

To apply our individual talents to produce works that can inspire, entertain and bring joy to those that experience it.

We are open to opportunities to publish and promote this mission. If you are interested in our work and see potential for a project or promotion please contact us…let’s talk!